Friday, August 22, 2008

The ALA 8th grade Governess is....


You worked so hard! I am so happy for you, LARS!!

Lauren and her best friend, Nykayla Wride.

Lauren and Friends.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Since Chris and Rob were still gone at around 10 last night, I began to wonder if this was a good sign that maybe one of them had gotten lucky and had a kill. They came walking through the back door at around 10:45, toting in a large cooler...a good sign, YES!

It was Chris who got lucky. Apparently, a lone cow elk walked to the exact spot where he had practiced shooting arrows from the tree stand earlier that morning. I am a huge fan of elk meat - I prefer elk to deer, but would gratefully eat either. Chris still has his deer tag to fill, but has the rest of the week off to do so. The main pressure is off - we've got a ton of meat ready to go to the butcher. I am so damn glad I won't have to buy store-bought hamburger!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring home the bacon, boys!

Chris and Robbie - Old friends going of luck, guys!

First day of school!

Trevor (6th), Brandon (3rd), and Madi (1st).

My little Madi will be in school ALL DAY!. She was so excited to finally be able to eat lunch at school, just like the big kids. I am home alone for the first time in years and not sure whether to laugh or cry???

I asked Madison if she was nervous starting 1st grade...this look was her response - Big, Deep BREATH!

Back to school!

Lauren was busy doing her hair and thought it was lame to take pictures for school. I will have to catch her unexpectedly with the camera...TEENAGERS!!

Salamander Hunting

Trevor and his friends found a little pond out in the orchard near our home. It has become a favorite place for the kids to hang out, explore, and try their luck at capturing salamanders.

Lauren, Trev and his friend Josh.

Our friend Derek, a salamander lover, came with us to try his luck at finding a new pet. Immediately after I took this picture, Derek slipped and fell into the water! SOOOO FUNNY!!!

"Hey...I'm already wet...might as well make the most of it!"

NICE! The kids teased him unmercifully for the rest of the evening. Lauren, my fearless 8th grader, was the only one who caught a salamander that night. She gave it to Derek for his trouble.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Santaquin Orchard Day's Parade, 2008

This parade knows how to spoil the kids!

Wayyy too much candy there!

Chris's sister Jamie, Lauren, and Trevor

Grandma Lee with Kennedy and Madison

Brandon and Brenda

Santaquin, being a small town and all, can sure put on a great parade. However, I was bummed out by the lack of marching bands/pipe bands playing. What the heck, Santaquin?!? I guess being a former band geek, I look forward to seeing those bands marching down the road, blaring bugels and drums. Call me old fashioned...a smokin' parade nonetheless.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Payson Fire

Do you see what I see?

Too close for comfort.

At the trout farm in Spring Lake, Robbie and Vona were evacuating. We watched as the fire exploded along the canal right behind their house, ignighting the dense brush and trees that lined the canal road. You could hear the hum of chainsaws as the fire crews desparately worked to make a fire line to prevent the flames from jumping across the canal. It was terrifying!