Friday, October 24, 2008


My dad recently completed his third round of powerful chemotherapy and 2nd stem cell transplant up at the Huntsman Center in SLC. He returned home on Tuesday, very sick and extremely drained. After putting his body through so much, he is weaker than a kitten at the moment. We are hoping by Thanksgiving he will be up for some turkey or at least have an appetite for something other than Ensure, as his taste buds are zapped. My mom takes care of his every need, with every pill going in his mouth at precisely the right time, every shot or antibiotic drip getting flushed through the IV. Mom has been an incredible caregiver. I love them both so MUCH! What a TEAM!

Here's my favorite cowboy! This is my dad, years ago. One of my most treasured pictures...

On Monday, Lauren and I were in SLC and stopped by to say hello. Mom and dad were just arriving back to their U of U guest house where they had stayed the last few weeks while dad received chemo, but they had some good news: Dad was coming home the next day! His blood counts were excellent. Cancer cells are getting walloped as we speak...

As the effects of Dad's 2nd chemo treatment were wearing off, his hair had grown back a bit. However, as of Monday, the effects of the new chemo were already becoming apparent: Now you see eyebrows, now you don't!! would give a tug and this is what would happen. This was the third tug too, by the time I whipped out my camera to take a picture! The hair on his head was coming out in clumps too...

Celebrity Looksters....

My friends from high school have a "Friend Blog" in which we write, basically helping us to keep tabs on one another. We swap stories from the old days, which (to me) is awesome because guys and girls always seem to remember details totally differently - for whatever reason - but as the years go by, we continue to make new memories with each other. I love these friends dearly! The latest and greatest craze we've had is "Celebrity look alikes." We've had fun...

Here is a little taste:

Derek - Steve Carell

Rhett - Baker from CHiPS

Dennis - Dennis Quaid

What do you say? Look alikes or what??

Honorable mentions:

Afton - Lindsey Lohan
Kate - Jodie Foster
Synthia - Sarah Jessica Parker
Robbie - Toby Maguire
Demi - Kirsten Dunst
Julie - Fairuza Balk

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday drive up Provo Canyon

On Sunday, we took the kids for a drive up past Sundance to check out the amazing fall colors of Utah. So beautiful!

Waterfall, Mt. Timpanogas

We hiked up with the kids to the waterfall along the trail that leads you to the top of Mt. Timp. It was beautiful! There was a lone moose on the side of the hill nearby as well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UEA/Fall Recess....Hanging in Delle, UT, with the Lovell's!!

Ever heard of Delle, UT?

Apparently, it is 4-wheeler heaven for folks up in the SLC area who can't make it down to Little Sahara...Salt flats and sand as far as the eye can see! So the next time you are on your way out to Wendover, stop at the little gas station in Delle, population of 6, er...5 now (he's in jail!).

We stayed with Matt and Afton Friday and Saturday. A short trip, but so much fun!

Getting ready to ride...

Matt and Shelby

Taking a spin...Chris, Afton, and Matt with Shelby strapped in and loving every second!

This reminded me of the Muppet's Electric Mayhem bus...just a little rustier, no wheels, and no Dr. Teeth at the helm.

Old Cement plant...Somewhere, UT

Matt took us to an old abandoned cement factory out in BFE land. Seriously, the workers just up and left, for whatever reason, leaving everything behind. It didn't look like much on the outside, but inside were 3 levels with a 'scarier than hell' basement level (not to mention the fact that everything looked like it was going to collapse at any given second...)! Here is me and the kids heading down the into the creepy abyss...

Lauren - My little artist! But seriously, this graffiti was already there. I told Lauren not to get any ideas...

Daredevils! I turned and there they were, on this rickety catwalk-type walkway about 60 feet in the air! I totally sounded like my mom, but I yelled "get the hell off that thing!"!

Me and Shelby!



Ellie and Madi - Little mini's of Afton and Brenda!

On Sat. morning, Madison lost her first tooth there in the camper! Afton was our proxy dental extractor and Madison was a very brave patient!

Eating candy right after breakfast? Only when you're camping!

Matt and Chris talking smack...

Shannon and Lauren