Monday, September 29, 2008

Fishing trip to San Francisco, Sept 2008

Chris and I recently went on a trip to San Fran with some friends. We had a blast! It was a little chilly out as we fished in the bay, but we met and hung out with some incredibly fun people and had an awesome time!

It was not a great day for fishing, as only a few of us had catches, but I would take that trip again in a heartbeat! It was a blast!

Me and Chris, 5:30 a.m. out on the harbor, waiting to head out. It was a titty bit nipply out there!! Burrgess!

Chris, Bone (Steve Strong), and his wife Alison


Yes, that is a shark! My tongue hath NO fear...

My (ahem) impressive halibut!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fish fry at the Trout Farm!

On Sat. night (Labor Day wkd), we met at Rob and Vona Judd's place for a fish fry with some of our pals from high school. What made it special was our buddy Dennis Vanausdal and his boys were able to join us. They have had a rough year and just recently moved from Wasilla, Alaska. His wife, Jennifer (our favorite volleyball teammate), and the boys were in a terrible car accident in February. She was killed and the boys were hurt very badly. However, after months of being hospitalized, rehab, and many surgeries later, the boys are doing so well. Ready for a fresh start, Dennis moved with them back to Utah to be closer to his family as well as Jen's family. Welcome home Dennis, Zach, and Tim!

Derek, Rhett, and Dennis

Jen, Brent, and Natalie

Sisters - Afton and Brenda

Alicia and the twins

Afton, Matt, and Shelby

More...Trout Farm!

Demi and "unknown man"

Madison caught a fish!

Trevor casting out...

Gettin' some grub!

Kids, kids, and more kids!

Saturday laborous yard work

I am all out of order here...bear with me!

After the yard work was completed, mom cooked us up an awesome breakfast and we ate out under the pavillion.

Afton and Matt

Dad and Isaiah...

Notice Afton's breakfast chaser??? NICE!

Trevor and sweet Shelby!

Back up....Labor Day Weekend, 2008

We met at mom and dad's house on Saturday morning for "a little" yard work...Ummm, did I say a little? Actually, I meant to say a BUTT LOAD of yard work. So much needed to be done - chainsawing down the big apple tree and parts of the chokecherry trees, oh and the snowball bush that was like 15 feet tall and derelict rose bushes - then hauling it all to the front yard, loading it on the trailer to take to the dump (3 trips all together!). But you know the old saying "Many hands make light work..."

A very transformed back yard!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hangin' with the Deschamps

We combined family night with our dear friends Dave & Ginger Deschamps and their kiddos. They met us at our house and we made a huge pot of spaghetti with the works, ala Ginga, and then headed to the Provo River bike trail and took a ride out to Utah Lake. SO FUN! We giggled all the way there and back, ending up at the skate park off Geneva Road. The kids amazed us with their tricks and jumps, then we headed home before the skeeters ate us up! Good times, good friends!

Me and Chris

Getting ready to ride!

One more...

Lauren and Madi