Friday, October 24, 2008

Celebrity Looksters....

My friends from high school have a "Friend Blog" in which we write, basically helping us to keep tabs on one another. We swap stories from the old days, which (to me) is awesome because guys and girls always seem to remember details totally differently - for whatever reason - but as the years go by, we continue to make new memories with each other. I love these friends dearly! The latest and greatest craze we've had is "Celebrity look alikes." We've had fun...

Here is a little taste:

Derek - Steve Carell

Rhett - Baker from CHiPS

Dennis - Dennis Quaid

What do you say? Look alikes or what??

Honorable mentions:

Afton - Lindsey Lohan
Kate - Jodie Foster
Synthia - Sarah Jessica Parker
Robbie - Toby Maguire
Demi - Kirsten Dunst
Julie - Fairuza Balk


Afton said...

Hey, I noticed YOU were missing from the list! Weren't you listed as Scarlet Johanson and Daryl Hannah??

Brenda Lee said...

Nope! I didn't make my list!

Rish Outfield said...

Dang, that is cool stuff. I aspire to be as funny one day as Steve Carell was in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.

That's the one where he was depressed and lonely and suicidal.